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Tips for Learning to Play Piano at Home

The world of music is beautiful and there is nothing that could replace the amazing feeling of diving in to it. Though in order to truly enjoy all the seasons with freedom and complete expression, you should learn to get an in-depth understanding of each piece of music. Harmony, melodies and music can really work in boosting your mood and health and thus it is one of the best ways of revitalizing your inner self. Many people wish to learn to play an instrument but the only rock of their way is that they don’t get time apart from work to step out of the house for attending a music school or training center. The good news is that there are other ways too; provided you are really interested and focused on learning to play piano.

Learn Piano At Home:

Though if you could gain professional knowledge and skill training at a school, it would be great but if you can’t get time or could not attend a training center for whatsoever reason that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to play piano. There are certain ways through which you can learn piano at home.

Before choosing any method it is important that you assess your goals, needs and budget by asking yourself some simple question.

Why you want to learn piano?
What it your ultimate goal?
How much time can you give for piano learning?
What is your budget?
Learning piano at home is most feasible method for those having a busy schedule or for busy parents who are looking for ways to save their time and cost and want to learn to play piano or any other instrument for that purpose. More at

Free Piano Learning Methods:

Method 1: Learn By Yourself:

This method is not too difficult yet for beginners all you need is complete focus and dedication. Don’t give up on learning, stick to it and never get discouraged. Here we are defining some steps with the aid of which you can begin learning piano all on your own.

Gain Musical Theory Knowledge: First step towards learning to play piano on your own is to learn basic instrument and musical theory. It involves learning about keys, notes, time signatures, effects, pauses and much more. All of these terms may appear tough but as you will begin to understand them, they will no more appear difficult.

Grab Some Simple Pieces: You are a beginner and you shouldn’t be shy to try your hands over a very basic musical piece. It could even be a simple tune from a kid’s nursery rhyme. Opt for the simplest piece first and you will be able to place a good foundation for yourself. As you begin trying your hands over that piece, make sure you practice with one hand at a time in the beginning. Keep it really slow so that you can memorize the piece.

Learn about Scales, Chords and Arpeggios: As you get a good hand over some basic tunes, you should begin learning about scales, chords and arpeggios. Practice them well and begin with one scale or chord at a time. Learning these concepts and patterns would aid you in learning basic techniques of playing any piece over this instrument.

Keep on Practicing and Improvising: Whenever you opt to learn anything new, it is all about making improvements. You can only become better at playing piano by practicing over and over again. Though it would need time and efforts for you to gain success but with focus and determination; you will make good progress in no time.


Method 2: Get Help from Free Videos and Tutorials:

Internet is an amazing source where you can find anything and everything you want to learn. Even with learning to play piano, you can find a number of resources that you can research and find ONLINE. You can look for instructional free YouTube and other videos that teach your basics of playing this beautiful instrument. So just research and find a resource that you find most beneficial and easily understandable. In order to gain insight on authenticity and reliability of these online resources, you can reach various social media platforms to gain true reviews about them. Stay connected with your friends and other people who share similar musical interest and follow their shares, reading and reference materials.

Method 3: Learn from Trusted Free Online Piano Lessons Websites:

We are talking about trusted websites because as you search for online teaching websites or for other resources for that instance, you may get a number of sites that are only focused on selling something or collect your emails for marketing purpose. Many others are usually offering only a few basic lessons for free whereas further they ask you to sign up for a complete piano lesson and charge you a good amount of fee for that. But you can find some legitimate websites as well that offer extensive knowledge and useful piano information. Some of these websites are PianoNanny, Zebra Keys, Music Theory, Plern Piano and there are others too. More at

Paid Piano Learning Methods:

Method 4: Enroll yourself in a Paid Online Learning Course:

If you are a serious piano learner and can also invest some money for learning, then enrolling yourself in an online professional piano learning course with a paid registration can be a better option for you to learn playing piano from home. However before opting for any such online course, it would be better if you carry out a check for genuineness of these programs through reviews and ratings over internet.

Method 5: Find a Professionally Qualified Piano Instructor:

Finding a professional and qualified piano teacher is another option for home based piano learning. You can find a number of teachers who can teach piano online through various platforms. But before you select a teacher, make sure to have a look at teacher’s qualification, credentials, interests, availability and schedule. It is important to have 2 to 3 interviews with the teacher or arrange for some free trial learning sessions before finalizing and making payment. Moreover when you search teachers online, again it is important to check that the website you are gaining help from should be secure and reliable. Also keep a check on the website’s customer support system so that you can save yourself from any trouble in future.


No matter which method you choose for home based piano learning, it is important to know that you will not be able to gain success overnight but would need to put in time, efforts and money (in case of paid trainings). Don’t give up if you find yourself failing at learning a certain concept or musical piece. Just be focused and keep on practicing till you become perfect. Learning is all about practicing and thus keep yourself motivated for practicing more and more to get better.


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