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Digital Piano vs Keyboard – What’s the Difference?

Some people sometimes get confused when they are looking at digital pianos and keyboards (also you can read our best piano keyboard reviews). If you are not experienced with pianos then you may not be aware of the differences between the two. There are many differences however and you should ensure that you are purchasing the right product.


Digital pianos tend to be much bigger than keyboards. Whilst they can still be portable they’re not as possible to move around as keyboards. Keyboards tend to have around 61 keys or 49 keys and they usually weigh less than 20 LB. If you would prefer a lighter option and you don’t need the range, the keyboard may be suitable however, if you want to perform gigs and concerts, you should think about getting a digital keyboard.


Keys and Polyphony

Digital pianos are less easy to store but they have a much larger range in standard pianos having 88 keys. The keys on a keyboard are usually made of smooth and thin plastic and often make a clicking noise. They do not usually offer any variants in volume for when the keys are pressed lightly or heavily.

The keys on a keyboard are usually quite flimsy and comparisons digital piano keys. When you press down multiple keys on a keyboard you’ll find that the polyphony is often limited on a keyboard. Unlike with a digital piano if you try to play chords with a keyboard you will find that the keys often falter and cut out as the notice being played.Keyboard keys also tend to be quite short and comparisons digital piano keys.

Instead, the digital piano keys resemble those of a traditional piano and longer and tend to be made of the more solid plastic material. Often digital piano keys are textured to feel like a traditional piano’s keys too.

Voices and Sound Effects

Keyboards tend to come with a lot of different voices and sound effects. Whilst this may be fun for many home users, it is often unsuitable for the performer, as the quality of the recordings of the sounds is usually very poor and unrealistic. In comparison, Digital piano voices sound authentic and are usually recorded using the highest quality genuine instruments.


The final difference between digital pianos and keyboards is the price. Keyboards tend to be very affordable and even cheap. There is a much larger range of keyboards in the cheaper price bracket so if you only have a very small budget and just want to give the keyboard try because you can’t play the piano yet, then you will be able to find the keyboard suits a very low-budget. You must remember however that keyboards that are priced very cheaply are often very low quality and may not last for very long and will not produce a good sound.

Digital pianos are far more expensive however if you have the budget for one it is a good idea to choose this over a keyboard. It is especially important to consider increasing your budget so that you can afford a digital piano if you would like to travel and perform with your instrument. It will be much better in the long run as you will end up with an instrument that produces a reliable and clear sound as well as being good enough to play in a concert setting.


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