Best Digital Piano


Casio’s Privia series is a top-rated, award-winning piano series for a reason. And one of its best-sellers is the 88-key Tri-Sensor scaled hammer action keyboard, the PX-150.

Complete with a new action and sound engine, the PX-150 improves upon the older versions of the Privia line. Using the Acoustic and intelligence Resonator (AiR) sound source as well as over three times the memory of older generations, this in-built sound improves upon the already award-winning piano tone.

One cool feature of the PX-150 is a Damper Resonance simulator, which recreates the sound of the strings when a player uses the sustain pedal. The PX-150 also has simulated ebony and ivory keys with a matte finish for an authentic key feel. No, you’ll never play the PX-150 and mistake it for an expensive acoustic piano, but for an instrument that costs under $1,000, it does as good of a job as can be reasonably expected at simulating the feel of a real piano.


Some other features include:

128-key polyphony
18 voices
Duet/Layer and Split mode
4 levels of reverb and chorus
3 pedals, music stand, score book, and adaptor included.
USB connectivity and possible use as a controller for the Apple iPad using Apple’s Camera Connection Kit.
Now, the sound on this piano is awesome – a rich, resonant sound – and that is undoubtedly one of the reasons that the Privia PX-150 is a top-rated instrument both on and offline.

I think it’s important to note, however, that the Casio PX-150 will soon be replaced with the Casio PX-160. The PX-160 is no doubt expected to be very popular. And while it’s expected that the PX-160 won’t be significantly different from the PX-150 in terms of features and build quality, Casio is saying that they have redesigned their dual 8W speaker system, among other enhancements.

And while the PX-150 will continue to do well in the new and used market, it’s worth noting, too, that the PX-160 is expected to drop with an MSRP of $499.99. So keep your eyes out for that great machine, as well.


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