Best Digital Piano


The first piano we’ll look at is the Korg SP170s digital piano. This light, sleek piano has many appealing features that make it one of the most popular keyboards on the market right now. More at

It is an 88-key digital keyboard featuring Korg’s new “Natural Weighted Hammer Action”, or NH, which weighs the lower keys heavier than the higher keys for the authentic feel of an acoustic piano. The sound of the SP170s is sampled from two concert grand pianos to ensure an accurate representation of the acoustic piano sound.


With ten different voices ranging from grand and electric piano to harpsichord and strings, the SP170s offers options for the pianist who’d like to experiment with different voices. The piano also features a Key Touch Control that has three different sensitivity levels that respond to the player’s touch.

With the new and improved speaker system, the SP170s has an awesome, realistic-sounding tone, something customers have come to expect from Korg.

Lastly, let’s take a look at some other key features of the SP170s:

Three level touch control
120-note polyphony
10 demo songs
MIDI connectivity
Headphone jack
Comes with a music stand and pedal.


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