Best Digital Piano


Just because you have a budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the necessary amount of features from a digital piano. The highest quality pianos will not only have a plethora of features ranging from voice selection to technology perks, but they will also perform just as well. Considering intended use, we’ve come up with a list of features that each respective digital piano should have based on experience level and/or price range. When you’re out in the market, don’t be surprised to see pianos that are out of your price range, but don’t offer as much as you would expect. The goal is to make sure your piano meets your specific needs, along with features for a great playing experience.



For beginner’s, high quality pianos won’t necessarily have a variety of features. What they will have is good basic features that a beginner can learn to train their hands and ears. Digital pianos for beginners should not exceed $500 for young children, and $1,000 for adults. There are some pianos just outside these parameters, however for someone who’s just starting out, there’s no need to spend more than this. Keeping in mind the sound quality and make, beginners should look for these qualities in their potential digital piano (all features at the minimum): More at

8 voices or sounds
64-note polyphony (128-max)
Learning tools
Headphone jack

Learning tools are among the most important features that digital pianos should have, especially for beginners. If you digital piano doesn’t have at least one of the following learning tools, you may have to take lessons right off the bat or follow along YouTube videos:

Recording and playback capabilities
Dual mode (also known as split mode)
Demo songs
Light up keys
Performance grade
Light up keys are a great way to learn, but just be sure to look at all the specifications before you buy a piano that was meant for a small child. A performance grade is something a few digital pianos are known to have, but dual mode should be in every learning piano. It’s not a learning piano if it has no teaching tools, so keep this in mind when you’re shopping.


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