Best Pianos for Children

Available Voices

Yamaha YPG-535

The YPG-535 features a total of 488 voices and 12 drum and sound effects kits. 361 of its voices are supported by Yamaha’s XGlite technology and include variations of several key wind instruments. Not all of its voices are perfect, but the YPG-535 does a decent job replicating the sounds of a grand and orchestral piano. Its five equalizers allow for a reasonable amount of user customization and the onboard stereo speakers deliver adequate spatial depth. The YPG-535’s optional bass boost setting enhances deeper tones, but causes slight rattling from the speakers when those notes are sustained. More at


Yamaha DGX650B

Yamaha’s higher end offering features 381 XGlite powered voices and additional 147 panel voices, along with 15 drum and sound effects kits. However, its core piano sound comes from a substantially more powerful source: Yamaha’s own CFIIIS concert grand. Its range of voices allows for fantastic versatility, easily transitioning from bright and sweet to cool and mellow. The DGX650B features several style control settings and is compatible with external speakers, though many will find the standard settings and onboard speakers more than acceptable.

Casio PX850 Privia

The PX850 Privia features eighteen incredibly nuanced and realistic voices, more than enough for most players to find their own unique sound. The AiR processor succeeds in replicating a grand piano in virtually every conceivable way, even going so far as to capture the resonance of piano strings when the dampers are raised. Among its piano voices are other concert worthy instruments, executed beautifully through its powerful speakers. The amount of detail and precision the PX850 has on the technical side allows for moving and fluid melodies to be produced in utter perfection.


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