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Kawai CE220 review

Kawai is one of the most respected manufacturers of pianos in the entire market. Founded in 1927 by Koichi Kawai, the corporation has worked hard over the years to become one of the most established and trusted names in the piano business.

The Kawai CE220 is a digital piano that thrusts itself into the conversation of quality machines available on the market. Any Kawai digital pianowill be a good buy in terms of quality and exquisite design, and the CE220 is a continuation of that legacy. By combining elegance and tonal quality, along with the feel of an upright or acoustic grand piano experience, I must say I’m very impressed.

When you first take a look at the body of the CE220, you will no doubt be mesmerized by the look and finish of the machine. The piano rests in a cabinet fixed with a sliding cover, with a sturdy wooden-like frame complete with a music rest and a pedal frame.


The entire machine has a premium satin black finish that will sell many a customer just on the look and feel of the piano alone. The piano is a full 88 key digital piano, so there’s no lack of a full grand piano experience. It’s also 54 inches long and 20 inches deep, with the full model resting at 35 inches off the ground. More at

With these dimensions there will be no problem fitting in with any room or home décor, but you certainly won’t be moving it around a lot. This bad boy weighs in at a whopping 126 pounds! Certainly that is a deterrent to the traveling musician or the customer not looking for a lot of shipping and handling hassle.

The interface of the piano is pretty simple, something that will be appealing to the normal digital piano customer. There is a very small three character LED display in the middle of the interface, with buttons for all of the voice and tone selections, along with the rhythms and other features.

The gold plated “Kawai” letters on the center of the console are a nice graceful touch, and they match the gold plated pedals as well. It must also be mentioned as well that the CE220 contains the rare combination of the three pedal system – soft, sostenuto, and sustain – with a half-damper function readily available. This is significant to note, as many digital pianos sometimes do not even come with a pedal at all.


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