Best Pianos for Children

What Makes a Digital Piano ‘High Quality?’

The piano is one of the best introductory instruments. For most, it’s the first instrument that helps them go on to learn even more. With that being said, a beginner should be introduced to digital pianos with an instrument that is right for their needs. Those who are accustomed to the piano and are progressing in their proficiency need a piano that can grow just as they do.

Digital piano manufacturers from the likes of Yamaha, Casio, and Roland are constantly coming out with new models to compete on the market. Whether you’re learning to play the piano or you’re fairly accustomed to the instrument, it can be hard to judge what makes a piano a high quality one. It’s important to keep in mind that “high quality” doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive product. In reference to digital pianos, high quality considers the features it has to offer and how it best meets the needs for its intended use.

We’ve broken down the most important features that any high quality digital piano should offer, along with what to look out for. We’ve highlighted the features that beginners should look for and take advantage of, while there’s a section for experienced players and how to rate advanced pianos for their needs.



A high quality piano will have sound specifications and features that will ultimately make the difference of which instrument you purchase. In any setting, sound quality is important because it effects a performance in a positive or negative way. When you’re looking to buy a digital piano, here are some sound specifications to consider:

Speaker system
Additional sound technology
Maximum polyphony

High quality pianos have a minimum of two speakers, and hopefully have some built-in on the device. If you’re a performer and you need to be heard, you want speakers that will be loud and clear. To get specific, all speakers have an approximate wattage that will ultimately determine how crisp and clear your sound will be. Low-grade digital piano speaker systems typically have a wattage of around 5, while higher quality pianos will feature two speakers of at least 10-15 watts. If you’re trying out a digital piano and the sound is fuzzy with static or too sharp for the human ear, this is a low quality piano and it will not last long. More at

Maximum polyphony is something that intermediate to professional players should consider. A 32-note polyphony is the lowest grade and these digital pianos are not meant for anyone playing 2+ voice songs or complicated chords. A high-quality piano will offer a polyphony of at least 64 notes to satisfy both the beginner and the intermediate player. Play a few chords and listen to how the transitions sound. How well do the notes blend? With lower polyphonies, you will notice a drop off on the notes that will make the sound slightly two-dimensional.


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