Best Pianos for Children

Train yourself to play piano with both hands

You may have trained yourself to play a particular note with your right or left hand but using both hands together for playing piano is certainly more difficult. You may find yourself enjoying playing piano with either of your hands but piano learning needs a good co-ordination of both of your hands used together over its keys. You may even realize that both of your hands can play similar notes together but making different actions of movements with both hands is considerably difficult. This is a fact that your brain tends to get confused with two hands performing two different movements. Hands co-ordination is tricky and thus you need to practice well to deal with this confusing part of learning piano.


Here we have shared some useful tips that would enable you to use both your hands together for playing piano effectively: More at

Improve on your reading skills for notes: If you find sight reading easy, it is more likely that you will be able to gain a par over playing with both hands quickly. Improve on your skills of reading by following various difficult notes. It is important that you must be able to differentiate between various notes and knowing this would make this learning even easier.
Practice with one hand and then practice together with both hands: You should begin practicing by memorizing a phrase and playing it with one hand. Then practice the same passage with another hand. Keep your mind open while reading these notes. Now once you have mastered over this passage with each hand separately, you can begin practicing with both hands. During this process, you may find yourself slowing down for learning but don’t be stressed. Stick to practicing and soon you will master on it.


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