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Easy Pop songs to play on piano

1. Overview of Pop music:

As we talk about the term pop music, the name refers to the music that has greatest appeal among audiences with a wide popularity and distribution in industry. Similar goes for pop piano music. This is the type of music that is performed in varied styles and forms and can be enjoyed by a number of people. It is quite different from classical and other traditional styles of music that are usually targeted to small group of people. Opposed to traditional form, pop music is created and played to appeal a diversified audiences.

Pop music in its modern form originated back in 1950s derived from rock and roll while the first ever pop song was recorded in 1926. A number of pianists contributed to this musical style and some of the most popular ones were Elton John, Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder. These artists had been one of the greatest pianists in their period and have made their mark in history of piano with their special talent and skills. Two of the most powerful and inspiring women pianists playing pop are Carole King and Alicia Keys. Both are most impressive pianists as well as vocalists.

Pop genre in its contemporary form may not be simple but once you gain your hands on it; it would prove as the most rewarding work that you can do over piano. It has a wider range and thus a beginner can explore all the different sounds with pop piano music. Not only the range is wide but the style gives you freedom of playing with sounds to give complete expression for varied performances may it be weddings, bands, tours or recordings.


2. Pop and Jazz music:

In comparison to Jazz, pop music is much easier as it is easily memorable. Pop music has simple rules over piano or any other instrument and thus a beginner can easily and quickly begin to play simple pop numbers of piano. Most of the pop songs have repeated sections and harmonies are usually simple too. Apart from that a pop number can be played in a variety of ways. Even if you play a song differently than the way it is recorded or proposed; it would still remain that song and would be appealing too.

3. How to play Pop on Piano?

Learning to play pop on piano is not difficult provided you follow some basic tips and techniques for playing pop music. Here we are highlighting some of the most important tips:

Listen to Popular Pop Artists: All the pianists have some inspiration no matter what genre they are interested in. If you really wish to improvise your pop piano skills, the best method would be to listen to different pop pianists. Not just listen to them but try to focus on how they voice chords, their movement of bass, their filling of the bars along with their gestures while playing. Patterns and rhythms of pop music vary and listening and watching these different pop pianists play would prove to give you distinctive benefits for playing more effectively.
Pop comes with a variety: There is a lot of scope for versatility in your style of playing pop music on piano which is completely opposite to classical music where you get to read and play specific notes. Pop music can be explored for varied styles and you can choose which style you want to opt for. When you are playing on one of the best digital pianos, you can chose any style that perfectly suits your piano. Your piano music can be romantic, rhythmic, sad etc.
4. Top Pop piano songs to learn:

You don’t really need to begin with the most difficult song but you can begin learning with piano songs for beginners. When you begin with your favorite song, learning becomes more of a fun for you. So here we are highlighting some popular pop numbers that a beginner can learn to play with ease.

Drops of Jupiter: Drops of Jupiter by Train is an award winning number that works beautifully well on piano. This pop number gives a beautiful feel and melody on piano especially on areas after verse and during the chorus. This song proves most appealing on piano when complemented with drums and strings.

Someone Like You: A popular number by Adele that has gained fame all around the world. This song is much simpler for beginners as it has four repeated chords including A,E, F#minor and D. Melody remains in the right while arpeggios are played continuously with your left.

Clocks: This is one of the famous hits by Coldplays and is a fun number on piano. With only some different sections to learn, this number encourages beginners to play with improved rhythm and pattern. Right hand arpeggios pattern while left carried for rhythms with verse and choruses bridged with constant notes. The chorus is Eb, Bbmin and Fmin with one, two and one bar respectively.

All About That Bass: Another popular chartbuster is All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor. It features nonstop repeated progression in the song with chords for two bars and whole progression for eight bars. Bass is practiced with left while melody is carried right giving beginners a chance to practice right and left hand co-ordination.

Billie Jean: With verses, choruses and beautiful synth parts, this Michael Jackson’s popular number is another fun track to play on piano for beginners. It dates back to 1982 but it still remains one of the most favorite pop numbers. Right hand chords with left hand bass line 4-note, this song includes playing chords F#minor, G#minor, A and G#minor. More at

4. Best Pop piano books:

When it comes to piano and specifically pop piano, there are thousands of books available. However only a few of them prove to be best resources for learning and practicing. Here are the best books to help you with pop piano:

Piano Styles of 23 Pop Masters by Mark Harrison
The Piano Songbook, Contemporary Songs Book 2 by Faber Music
Let it Go, Happy, and More Hot Pop Singles 2014 by Hal Leonard


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