Best Digital Piano

Steps to find the best digital piano

It is typically much difficult to make a choice of buying one of the ideal instruments especially if you are buying piano for the first time. Apart from that when you search for the best, the first one that you come across may be offering you great volume and sound but it may not be a right choice for you. Buying a piano is not something that you will be doing frequently so it is best to educate yourself on how you can find the best choice according to your requirements and needs rather than regretting a wrong purchase.

Here we are sharing some important steps that would simplify decision of buying an appropriate model.

Step 1: Why do you want a Digital Piano and how you will be using it? This is the first and the most crucial step in deciding which piano you should purchase? You need to determine why do you want this musical instrument and for what purpose it will be used? It could be music production, stage performance, learning to play piano, teaching piano or any other purpose. For example if you are looking for a piano for on-stage performance, you will be able to find a number of stage pianos with amplified sounds and versatile options. Looking for the reason of purchase will work as a pioneer in the process of making the right purchase for you.

Step 2: Choose according to your Skill Level: Different pianists have varied skill level when it comes to playing piano. You may be a beginner, an immediate learner or an expert experienced pianist. When it comes to buying a piano, you will get a wide range of choices offering varied features. So determine your skill level and look for features that are most suitable for your skill level. For example if you are a beginner, you may do well with a cheap priced piano offering sufficient tools for learning. As you progress in your piano playing skill level, you can move on and get a more advance version.
Step 3: Keep Cost in Mind: The market of instruments is quite wide and thus there is possibility for finding models according to your budget (although a reasonable amount). Think beforehand about how much you would like to spend for buying a digital piano that satisfies your needs? Set a reasonable budget with a rough idea on how much to spend. After all it would not be viable to buy a cheap model with no options to meet your needs.

Step 4: Think about Size and Storage: You may have thought of installing your digital piano at a proper place, although these models are designed for portability and ease of movement. Think ahead and check size of the piano that you are planning to buy so that you don’t end up buying a model for which you don’t have place for installation or storage. It is best to measure the area where you are planning to place the piano in order to narrow down your search for piano of size that could easily fit in that area. For travelling musicians, it is best to look for a lighter model and one that can be easily split for storage for added convenience.

Step 5: Sound Quality and Versatility: The next most important factor to consider when choosing the most appropriate digital piano is to check for quality and variations of sound offered with it. Modern day pianos have improved sound and tonal quality and they have options of sounds from a number of different instruments. Purchase a digital piano that satisfies your desire for sound quality and versatility.

Step 6: Check Keyboard Action: It is best to try your hands over a piano keyboard before purchasing it. You should make it certain that keys of the keyboard offer you desired key grip and as you begin practicing or performing; your fingers should not slip over keys.

Step 7: Check Polyphony: One important consideration in choosing a particular model is the number of polyphony it has. The greater the number of polyphony, the better. With more polyphony you will be able to play richer and complex passages. So if you have to choose between two options with varied notes of polyphony, opt for a piano that has greater polyphony.

Step 8: Check Pedal Responsiveness: It would not be desirable to have a digital piano that needs you to put a lot of pressure over pedal for getting response of sustaining notes. Check for pedal touch responsiveness and choose a model that suits your desired response action.

Step 9: Identify what additional features you would need? There are other perks that many digital pianos offer in the form of USB connectivity, quality amp connection, headphones jack and other things. These additional features give you improved piano playing experience over a piano. More at

Step 10: Warranty coverage of the digital piano: A reasonable coverage through warranty should be there for a protected purchase decision. Although the longer the warranty period, the better.

Step 11: Check Reviews: Consider in-depth digital piano reviews for a model that you wish to purchase. Check different thoughts posted by different pianists who have experienced their hands over a particular model that you are considering to buy. It is better to take quick notes so that you can better evaluate pros and cons of the product.


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