Best Digital Piano

Touch Response

Yamaha YPG-535

The YPG-535 has simulates the resistance of acoustic piano keys, but is not truly weighted. As such, its touch response is acceptable but not noteworthy in any way. Players looking for more nuanced reactions from their keyboard may be disappointed as the key resistance never feels exactly right.
Yamaha DGX650B

The DGX650B has weighted keys that do a good job imitating the feel of an acoustic piano. The added resistance makes it easy for players to strike notes with the emphasis and style they desire effortlessly. The piano’s keyboard comes packed with additional features for ease of play, allowing individual keys to sound out entire chords with its Smart Chord functionality.

Casio PX850 Privia

The PX850 Privia not only has weighted keys, but their sensitivity can be adjusted to user preferences. The instrument’s impressive keyboard thus can replicate the exact feel of multiple styles of pianos depending on the way each individual wants to play. The keyboard is otherwise highly adjustable: it features a duet mode that splits the instrument for two players or can be transposed up to 25 full steps. More at


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