Best Digital Piano


A piano keyboard is made up of keys that can be pressed down to produce a note sound. These keys are arranged in the traditional way for out western musical scale featuring 12 notes. Shorter Black Keys with a higher profile than the other keys signify a semitone note difference whilst the white keys that are longer are just a tone apart from each other.

Your piano keyboard will come with a first array of musical instruments sounds. The sounds are programmed into the keyboards memory and when the key is depressed, the sound is played through the keyboards speakers.The way that the keyboard interprets the sound so that it can come out of the speakers involves a complex but instant electronic operation.
Pressing the key creates a circuit with the circuit board that is stored beneath the keys. The keyboard will then play the sound that is required depending on the area of circuit board that has been activated.This mechanism is slightly different from that of a digital piano. As the keyboard requires a Circuit to be created, it is not really possible for the keyboard to vary the sound depending on the pressure of the key press.

If you want to use a different instrument sound effect went a key is pressed, you can use a digital integrated screen. From the screen you can access the various different pre-recorded musical instrument sounds.

Different keyboards have different qualities of sounds, so if you want a keyboard that has high-quality and realistic instrument sounds, you should try to allocate a slightly larger budget.Some keyboards can be plugged into a computer so that they can be used as a midi controller. A USB port is integrated into the design of the keyboard to enable easy and standard connectivity to a computer. More at


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